Monica Murarka

Monica Murarka (she/her/hers) is a senior business leader with 25 years experience advising thousands of B2B and B2C companies and executives across Consumer, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Technology, Financial Services and Manufacturing industries on strategy, operations, talent and organizational topics while working at two global consultancies: Towers Perrin and McKinsey & Company.

Simultaneously, she has spent the last 20 years in deep study of embodiment, leadership and personal development, energy, personal/intergenerational/collective trauma healing, and interfaith religious practices through various teachers and disciplines. Her personal mission is to help people BE – uncover, connect, transform and amplify themselves for the sake of living their purpose. She works with executives, coaches and teams to help them develop their own skills and practices to continuously embody themselves such that they can feel congruence and alignment with how they walk through the world. She also mentors Asian Americans in how they navigate workplace bias and systemic oppression, racism and patriarchy, an offering born as a result of her own personal lived experiences in corporate America.

Monica earned her BA in Economics, International Relations and Community Health from Tufts University, and her MBA with honors in Finance, Marketing and Organization Behavior from the University of Chicago School of Business (now called ChicagoBooth). She lives in the San Francisco Bay area, and enjoys spending her time meditating, diving into personal development and personal growth activities, playing tennis and spending time with family, friends and her nephews.