Madrianne Wong – Course Coordinator

Madrianne Wong serves as Strozzi Institute for Somatic’s Course Coordinator with warmth, humor, and humility. In this role, she is a commitment to strengthening the wide web of connections through which Strozzi’s work flows.

Since completing her coaching certification with Leadership that Works in 2020, Madrianne has been coaching women and nonbinary folks of color in the process of stepping into the excitement and uncertainty of their adventurous journeys. Madrianne’s own adventure has been shaped by two prior generations of complex immigration, and the perpetual practice of bridging cultural and generational divisions. She leads with curiosity and openness around others’ lived experiences. SIS is helping her expand her coaching practice into the somatic realm, and that embodied integration feels both snug and alive. 

In heart, mind, and body, Madrianne carries all the work passions she’s pursued prior to SIS: anthropological research, reproductive health and justice, family systems in mental health, suicide prevention, emergency response, and strategic program design are all still alive in her thoughts and conversations in and outside of work. Before finding SIS, she spent a few years wandering the world, learning, absorbing, and contributing; that time critically shaped her perspective on connection, her own capabilities, and the wonder of truly infinite possibilities.      

Madrianne lives and cultivates community in several places seasonally, including: Chocheño Ohlone land (Castro Valley) and Duwamish land (Seattle). She’s continuing her search for one more seasonal home that feels just right. For her, experiences of home include: climbing rocks, sisterhood, fruit picking, making music, fostering animals, backpacking, dance and more dance, raucous laughter with loved ones, and solitude in silence.