J Sikes

J Sikes (Davis, California) commits to each client  leading their life and communities with the purpose and authenticity they long for.  As an out, queer and genderqueer coach, J understands firsthand the importance of living  authentically and in alignment with one’s core identity. Engaging in conversation, imagination, exploration, and physical practices, clients discover their longings, enhance their leadership skills, effectively resolve conflicts, and live more fully in their bodies.

In addition to coaching individuals, J supports and sustains educators through teacher and leadership development training emphasizing mindfulness, Social-Emotional-Learning and somatics.

They are certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  through the International Coach Federation, Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute, and School Leadership Coach through the Association of California School Administrators. They are also a Strozzi Institute Teacher in Training.

Other important influences include deep experience as a former nationally ranked athlete in fencing and a career of over two decades in education.