A.J. Pape

A.J. Pape has been a professional facilitator and coach since 1988. He partners with ambitious leaders who recognize that high performance takes commitment. His clients are senior leaders at companies like Pfizer, Amgen, HSBC and Zappos. Most of his projects are long-term, lasting 9-24 months and returning benefits in the millions of dollars. One example is an 8-year leadership development program for the top 3% of a global bank: with an annual budget over $1M USD, the client’s ROI was estimated above 700%.

A.J. graduated from Princeton University’s Wilson School of Policy & International Affairs. Subsequently he worked at Arthur D. Little, Interaction Associates, SportsMind and FutureConsiderations. His somatic training started in 1999 and includes 75 days of in-person study and practice at SI. He is currently part of SI’s Teacher Training Program. Originally Canadian, A.J. lived in London, São Paulo and San Francisco before settling in Boulder, Colorado.