Somatic Bodywork

Somatic bodywork is a foundation of the somatic work as taught by Strozzi Institute. This is not massage, but a way to shift the self by hands-on bodywork. The work will accelerate the learning process at courses.

Somatic Bodyworker Practitioner Bios

Gail Michelle Forman

I have a gift of guiding clients in deepening into their felt sense of who they are and what they intrinsically care about. For over 35 years, I have studied, received and practiced many hands on therapies and I use self reflective inquiry to inform my work with clients. Using Strozzi Somatics, I assist clients in diving into body sensations that reveal a wellspring of information. With this information, my clients are better able to turn and face their challenges, traumas, decisions, and future from a place of clarity and stability. I advocate for my clients from a “Holistic” point of view, integrating Body, Health, Mind and Spirit. Many of my clients have expressed that they have “never felt themselves like this before”! I have a unique way of bringing out the soul of a person through kindness, compassion and intuitive sensing.

I began my studies at SI in 2000 and offer Somatic Bodywork and Coaching full time. My work appeals to people from all walks of life, from those in personal life questions and transitions to busy executives, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders.

Sandy Sagraves

Throughout her life, Sandy has embodied her commitment to individuals living fully expressed lives outside of limitations imposed by their histories, trauma, habits, circumstances, culture or comfort zone. She has national recognition in health care for her work, her voice, her leadership, her research and publication to advocate for individuals being supported in living full lives. In her bodywork with individuals at Strozzi and in her private practice, she brings the same level of commitment and professionalism she provided on staff for over 15 years at Stanford Hospital.

Sandy has a talent for deeply being with each individual to empower their unique personal transformation. Clients move from being impeded and feeling challenged to being centered in the face of conflict, from struggling to trusting themselves and learning healthy trust with others, from suffering with blocked energy to a life informed by their inner wisdom to know how to be with their own and others’ energy in powerful and effective ways.

With Sandy you will be clear about what your commitment in life is, what is the breakdown in the expression of that commitment, and what will be different at the end of the session. Bodywork with Sandy reveals one’s historic reliance on the cognitive and organically opens your connection to your inner somatic wisdom in a manner that is continually accessible. She and you will be able to compassionately be with where you are now and courageously and collaboratively create access and freedom to be you.

Madeline Wade

Madeline Wade is a certified Master Somatic Coach. Since 1998 she has studied at the Strozzi Institute directly under its founder, Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler and has two years of study in trauma work through Staci Haines’ courses. She has a private practice working with people who are looking to create a body that can take a stand for what they want in their lives. She draws from twenty-five years as a leader in the corporate world as well as her own personal journey.

Her somatic bodywork experience started in 1998. She creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere to enable the client to open to new possibilities. She accomplishes this by bringing people into a deep understanding and relationship with their whole being through the body.

Her diverse background of life experiences include: 32 year primary relationship, being the first female journeyman cabinetmaker in the State of Virginia; dealing with an on going health challenge, serving four years in the United States Air Force; and having made over 150 parachute jumps.

Madeline’s commitment is to assist clients in two specific areas: (1) being effective observers of themselves and others; and (2) being powerful instruments of change for themselves and the world. She supports individuals in identifying their natural strengths and transforming their self-limiting beliefs and habits. Her passion is guiding people to reach their full potential and live lives with joy.