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A Live Q&A Online Event 
Thursday, March 10 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

with Maggie Williams & Erika Lyla

Discover how to deepen your healing, learning, and growth through Somatic Practices — and transform old habits and patterns that keep you stuck.

Begin to reconnect to yourself and what matters most — as you access hope from a place of resilience.

Are you tired? Beyond tired? 

Whether the demands of daily life are weighing you down or two years into the pandemic has you feeling disheartened or restless… 

It’s hard to stay engaged with life when almost every day is met with what feels like complex challenges, leaving us with less and less reserves to deal with the day to day. 

Your concerns may be close to home with your family’s health, finances, or stress from changing work and school schedules heavy on your mind…

Or you might be anxious about critical issues impacting you, your family, and your community — growing ideological divisions, racial injustice, disappearing human rights, or the health and wellbeing of our planet.

So how do we care for ourselves in the face of this new era?

From daily stresses that pass in a minute to sustained stress from living with uncertainty, we must build our capacity for taking care of ourselves, rejuvenation, bouncing back — and resilience

Through somatic practice, we can begin by bringing the focus back to ourselves, lovingly. 

And what you may not realize, is that this is exactly what you are being called to at this time.

You actually have a profound sense of resilience within you right now that can nourish you, unlocking more energy and a greater connection to yourself.

Recognizing and savoring the moments of joy in life, connecting to all that is good at a greater depth, and living from the present moment — are all life-changing skills you can learn, refine, and use every day.

This inner resilience has been with you all along, and can act as your guide through daily blips and life’s big happenings. 

Rediscovering your inner resilience is more important now than ever.

Join us for a powerful workshop as Strozzi teachers Maggie Williams & Erika Lyla share body-based techniques to help you rediscover resilience for your life, relationships, and leadership.

During this free online event with Maggie & Erika,
you’ll discover:

  • How to move beyond burnout and get back on purpose, no matter what life brings

  • Your default patterns under pressure — and how to transform the habits are keeping you stuck

  • A holistic framework featuring the core components for embodied somatic transformation

  • Practices to help you cultivate more compassion (for yourself and others) during these times

  • And more…

Most of all, you’ll rediscover your own sustainability, opening the doorway to remembering who you truly are and what’s most important to you. You’ll refocus and reconnect with your purpose and aliveness.

Join us and learn the importance of creating a self-curated, conscious practice that allows us to be more connected with ourselves and with each other. You’ll explore how even in the face of stress, crisis, and uncertainty, you can grow closer to the people in your life and to your individual Self.

During this powerful online mini-workshop, you’ll also hear about a 4-week LIVE online course where you’ll learn Somatic Practices to help you build inner resilience and deepen your healing, learning, and growth — no matter what life brings. 

During this illuminating hour, you’ll learn how it means to move through the world emboldened by your own inner resilience you can call on at any time.

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What people are saying about Resilience Trainings:

“I am more prepared and aware of how I must shift from being ready for healing to recognizing my inherent power to heal myself and others.”

Rowenda L.

“The weaving of neuroscience and the practices was masterful. It showed up in the micro interpersonal space of our leadership, but rarely named explicitly. This was so empowering for me individually, and for our group, as we got to navigate those dynamics in real time which added a depth and richness to the experience. Our dignity, sovereignty and cohesion was honored and we healed a lot of conflict that was getting in our way from being as productive as we know to be.”

Chloe, VP Programming, national NGO

“This training went beyond our expectations. It brought our team back together and moved us forward more than we had hoped.  Part of their framework is that trauma and resilience heals faster in groups than individually. It was surprising how effective that was. Oddly simple to do if everyone participates. This really saved our butts.”

— Rich, Director of Research, international pharma company

“Depthful as well as extremely pragmatic. The resilience practices had an immediate impact – relief and joy – on my day-to-day experience of life.”

Karen G.

Learn essential somatic practices to navigate change, disappointment, and stress — so you can move from burnout to inner resilience.

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Your information is safe with us! We’ll never share or sell it, and will use it only to send you messages about this event and other related information from Strozzi Institute. You can unsubscribe at any time.

About Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams is a Lead Teacher and somatic coach with Strozzi Institute (SI). Her areas of focus include how social conditions shape us, how we cultivate more individual and collective resilience, and how somatics can support values-aligned parenting. 

Prior to working with SI, Maggie co-founded and co-directed The Advocacy Institute, an organization that trains social justice and movement building groups to lead more effective legislative campaigns.  Before co-founding the Advocacy Institute, Maggie worked in the New York State Senate and as an advocate on criminal legal issues. 

Maggie began with somatics at the Strozzi Institute in 2011 and became a certified somatic coach in 2012.  She has studied with generative somatics, worked with clients one-on-one, and led a process to integrate somatics into staff development at the Advocacy Institute. 

Most of Maggie’s time is spent exploring the wilds of Brooklyn with her greatest somatics teachers – two fully-embodied tiny humans. 

About Erika Lyla

Erika Lyla is a Somatic Coach and Bodyworker with a practice in Oakland, CA (unceded Ohlone territory), and also teaches with generative somatics and Strozzi Institute.

Erika works with people to reveal their power, potential, and purpose. She guides with love and laughter towards life grounded in authenticity and shaped by dream. She’ss been training groups and individuals in social and emotional development as well as creating and launching social emotional programs for over 15 years.

Erika holds a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley and specializes in working with people facing psychiatric crises, survivors of sexual violence, and individuals healing from complex trauma. She has also worked with school age children as an after school teacher and program director.

She continues to offer healing for individuals and communities as we collectively move towards liberation. In her free time, Erika loves family time, camping, snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding, and delicious food.

What is Strozzi Somatics?
Strozzi Institute is a network of dedicated teachers with advanced training in somatics theory and practice. We provide an evolving methodology that assesses culturally conditioned tendencies and uses the body and shaping — a term to describe how we physically hold and embody conditioning, even when it doesn’t align with our values — to support long-lasting transformation for individuals and the collective.

At Strozzi Institute, our goal is to empower individuals and the collective to recognize and move through conditioned tendencies and historical shaping that restrain growth and to identify and hold consciously chosen values front and center. We provide training and tools that utilize the body and somatic practices to support embodiment of life-giving visions and values to achieve transformation and true desires.

Over 50 years, we’ve fine-tuned a unique and powerful methodology that reliably produces sustained change. Strozzi Somatics teaches the “how” in actualizing the best leadership and coaching ideas, theories, and intentions — not just for individuals, but for coaches, teams, and companies around the world.

Strozzi Institute’s methodologies empower transformational change through the body.

Strozzi Institute
Strozzi Institute is the creator of embodied leadership—a unique, neuroscience-based approach that integrates mindfulness, action-oriented communication, martial arts, and generative conflict training to prepare leaders, coaches, and teams to meet today’s biggest challenges.

Over 50 Years of Experience
Our unique and powerful embodied leadership methodology positions us as the leading institution shaping executives, teams, and leaders toward mastery in their business. We have over 50 years of experience in delivering innovative programs to a diversity of organizations around the globe that include Fortune 500, large governmental agencies, small businesses, B-corps, NGOs, sustainable business visionaries, multinational companies, and budding entrepreneurs.

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