Experience strozzi somatics

in-Person Courses

Join us for a 4-day immersive training in using the body to guide your transformation at our gorgeous Petaluma, California Ranch. Enjoy nourishing food, world-renowned teachers, and a like-minded, transformation-focused community.

Online Events & Retreats

Join our esteemed teachers online for weekly courses, weekend retreats, or free monthly sessions. Embody somatic practices and wisdom teachings from your own personal place of practice. Access our online library of depth practices to support your commitment.

Advanced Courses & Coaching

We offer advanced training and coach certifications for individuals, coaches, and organizations seeking to build progressive mastery of embodying techniques, focused on using the body as a tool for lasting transformation.

Praise for Strozzi

[Strozzi Somatics Leadership Coaching] encourages and almost expects people to get into a level of depth and openness and authenticity that I haven’t seen in other programs.”

Jeff Gerstel CEO, Dressbarn

“My team worked with the Institute for four years. We did specialized work and foundational Strozzi somatic practices. The assessments from our team members are that this is the best team that they have ever been on. It enabled our team to do our work in half the time and have enormous joy in our work. The investment in time and financial resources on this training was returned to us many many times over.”

Nancy Hudson SVP, Pfizer

“Strozzi Institute may have discovered the formula for diversity, inclusion and empowerment. During my time at SOEL, I was able to witness everyone on my team accessing the best version of themselves. This was very transformational for me as I was pushed to my developmental edge. I have been on an intense life changing developmental journey for 11 years but my time at Strozzi was the pinnacle.”

Marvin Riley COO, EnPro Industries