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A 4-Week LIVE Online Course
March 22 – April 12
Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific

with Maggie Williams & Erika Lyla

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Deepen your own healing, learning, and growth to access hope from a place of resilience through essential somatic practices.

Reconnect to yourself and what matters to you most — and leave behind old habits and patterns that don’t serve you.

As we move through this extended time of change and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel thrown off-center, anxious, or confused about the future…

Maybe your work-life balance feels nonexistent as you work from home and show up for your family in the same space, often at the same time. Or perhaps you’re burned out from too many Zoom meetings.

Perhaps it’s wider issues that are causing you stress — including current world events, ongoing effects of the pandemic, racial injustice, threats to human rights and the planet, and more.

You’re left wondering how you can possibly continue to show up in your work, family, and relationships.

You’re not alone in feeling this way. When we’re under this much individual and collective pressure, our old conditioning kicks, undermining our ability to move forward and flourish.

This old conditioning is made up of habits and stories that have grown out of everything from your childhood to long-ago ancestral patterns. They’re not necessarily even negative — they’re simply default reactions you’ve developed in response to your environment so you can get your needs met.

Now, in the face of today’s challenges, you’re (understandably) responding to events in a similar way — and stress and reactivity now feel like the “new normal.”

Yet, within you right now lies a profound sense of resilience. 

You have the innate capacity to bounce back, to see life’s possibilities when it feels like the world is at a standstill — and stay connected to yourself and those around you, even in times of isolation…  

You absolutely can cultivate this inner resilience — and ultimately use even the most unpredictable times to deepen your own healing, learning, and growth. 

You’re invited to join us and access and cultivate your inner resilience — within the loving container of our supportive somatic community…

Strozzi teachers Maggie Williams and Erika Lyla will take you on a 4-week journey to cultivate your resilience — so you can reconnect to your purpose, get off the endless wheel of your to-do list and obligations… and reconnect to your values and vision.

Maggie and Erika will guide you through a variety of mind-body techniques — including meditation, standing practices, breathwork, intentional language, and much more.

This profoundly transformational work is about connecting with your body to figure out what you want for your life, and what you care about most. 

Strozzi Somatics is based around the vision of what you want — not rooted in what our culture says is “wrong” with you… 

Just like all of us, as you move toward your vision you’ll hit roadblocks in the form of your conditioned tendencies and reactions. Erika and Maggie will guide you over these four weeks to work with your whole self — your actions, inactions, emotions, sensations, and your conditioned tendencies — so you can transform, even under pressure, as you move toward your purpose.

While course sessions will meet on Zoom, you’ll also have plenty of integration practices to encourage you to get outside, including outdoor walking meditations.

You’ll learn to widen your circle of concern, using this time as an opportunity for purposeful transformation within yourself — in support of those around you, greater equity in the world, climate justice, and much more.

This profoundly transformational work is about connecting with your body to figure out what you want for your life, and what you care about most. 

Just like all of us, as you move toward your vision you’ll hit roadblocks in the form of your conditioned tendencies and reactions. Erika and Maggie will guide you over these four weeks to work with your whole self — your actions, inactions, emotions, sensations — so you can transform, even under pressure, as you move toward your purpose.

You’ll learn to widen your circle of concern, using this time as an opportunity for purposeful transformation within yourself — in support of those around you, greater equity in the world, climate justice, and much more.

Most of all, you’ll learn to rely on your own sustainability, opening the doorway to remembering who you truly are and what’s most important to you. You’ll refocus and reconnect with your purpose and aliveness.

And you’ll move through the world emboldened by your inner resilience you can call on at any time.

During this 4-week transformational course, you’ll:

  • Develop an understanding of Somatic Resilience — what it is and what it’s not

  • Learn somatic practices for cultivating resilience for your life, relationships, and leadership

  • Work with the automatic reactions that come up when you’re under pressure.

  • Learn to shift them to more resilience-based ways of being and relating

  • Widen your circles of care to include the I, the we, and the all

  • And more.

The Rediscovering Resilience curriculum was created by Staci K. Haines, Strozzi instructor and a national leader in the field of Somatics. It’s already changed lives and inspired students to embrace change, reconnect to who they are, and take skillful action. Now she’s lovingly passed the torch to Maggie and Erika to share this transformative work with you.

Rare Opportunity to Join
Maggie & Erika LIVE for 4 sessions!

March 22-April 12
Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

with Erika Lyla + Maggie Williams

Here’s what You’ll Discover During This Powerful Retreat

Session 1: Resilience — What It Is and Isn’t 
(Tuesday, March 22)

In this opening session, Maggie and Erika will welcome you to this 1-month intensive. You’ll get to know your new teachers and guides as they share exactly what you can expect so you’ll feel centered and empowered as you embark on this new journey…

Maggie and Erika will invite you into a daily centering practice and a weekly resilience practice during this program. 

They’ll also share how somatics can help you understand the ways you react under pressure — and help you become more connected to what you care about as you grow, align with your vision and values, and transform.

In this first session, you’ll explore:

  • The powerful truth that you become what you practice

  • The resilience-based approach to transformation and and how it can show up in your life

  • A teacher-led storytelling demonstration of resilience

  • How your specific resilience experiences live in your soma

  • Powerful journaling exercises set to music

  • Guided practices featuring skills you’ll come to embody and access regularly over the next month (even under pressure) as your new way thinking, relating, acting, and being

  • A community Q&A session with your new teachers

Session 2: The Art & Science of Resilience 
(Tuesday, March 29)

This week you’ll explore resilience more deeply as you get to know your conditioned tendencies — adapted automatic reactions that help you hold onto your sense of safety, belonging, and dignity during stressful situations.

Maggie and Erika will help you explore where and how your conditioned tendencies live in your body and how you can work with them, rather than control or “manage” them away (which, as they’ll explain, never works anyway).

In this first session, you’ll explore:

  • The many ways conditioned tendencies affect the brain, nervous system, muscles, worldview, emotions, actions (and non-actions), how you relate to others, and more
  • How to access your spirituality as a source of strength
  • How resilience, perseverance, endurance, and grief are all connected
  • The ways we’re all shaped by family, community, institutions and wider social norms and conditions
  • A journaling and reflection practice to consider what your conditioned tendencies are costing you when it comes to what you care about most
  • Somatic practices to “try on” some typical conditioned tendencies and notice what feels familiar for you, inspire action and change, and more
  • A community Q&A session

Session 3: Making More Room for Resilience 
(Tuesday, April 5)


This week you’ll learn how you can make room for resilience and growth, even while your conditioned tendencies are present.

Maggie and Erika will guide you to explore the three ways to work with your conditioned tendencies: new practices/skills, blending, and ally.

In this session, you’ll explore:
  • How energy follows attention and you can learn about energy through contrasting thoughts and visualizations
  • Extension, a new practice to increasingly orient your attention, actions, and thoughts toward what you care about
  • A rowing practice focused on principles, action and change
  • A new group consent practice
  • The principles of boundaries, declines, requests, holding complexity, mutual connection, and more
  • A group consent practice
  • A community Q&A session 

Session 4: Resilience & Interdependence 
(Tuesday, April 12)


In this final week, you’ll review all the practices and principles you’ve learned over the past month — and plan to bring them into your daily life going forward.

In this closing session, you’ll:
  • Recognize needs, boundaries and longings — both your own and other people’s
  • Get present in your sensations with a centering practice
  • Participate in collective practices to cultivate resilience, expand your circles of care, and more
  • Add a new practice, Mutual Connection, created to help you be with yourself and another at the same time
  • Bring an experience of resilience into your mind and body
  • Use somatic imagination to become more centered — and invite another to be more centered and present, too
  • How you can take all your new somatic practices into your life starting with an invitation to continue your new practices for the next 30 days


Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Register for Rediscovering Resilience

Receive depth teachings, guided practices, demonstrations, and interactive Q&A — accessible on your favorite device, in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to the guided interactive sessions during the retreat, Maggie and Erika will share practices, exercises, and “assignments” for you to apply in between sessions to deepen your experience.

Soon after each session, the video will be available for you to stream in high-quality format. Should you miss a session, you can catch up when you watch the recording, anytime and anywhere — on any connected device.

After each session, the audio will be available via high-quality MP3. Should you miss a session, you can listen in and catch up at your convenience.

You will be invited to join the private Online Learning Community where you can access all the recordings, practices, and other information for the retreat.

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What people are saying about Resilience Trainings:

“I am more prepared and aware of how I must shift from being ready for healing to recognizing my inherent power to heal myself and others.”

Rowenda L.

“The weaving of neuroscience and the practices was masterful. It showed up in the micro interpersonal space of our leadership, but rarely named explicitly. This was so empowering for me individually, and for our group, as we got to navigate those dynamics in real time which added a depth and richness to the experience. Our dignity, sovereignty and cohesion was honored and we healed a lot of conflict that was getting in our way from being as productive as we know to be.”

Chloe, VP Programming, national NGO

“This training went beyond our expectations. It brought our team back together and moved us forward more than we had hoped.  Part of their framework is that trauma and resilience heals faster in groups than individually. It was surprising how effective that was. Oddly simple to do if everyone participates. This really saved our butts.”

— Rich, Director of Research, international pharma company

“Depthful as well as extremely pragmatic. The resilience practices had an immediate impact – relief and joy – on my day-to-day experience of life.”

Karen G.

Individual Price

Register today
for only $247!

For Groups of 5+

Full Tuition: $247

Register today for
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Full Tuition: $247

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For Groups of 5+

Full Tuition: $247

Register today for
only $147!


It’s a powerful way to experience live and pre-recorded teachings from home! To view or listen to the event, you’ll only need a computer, mobile device, or telephone. (If you feel called, you might also grab a notebook for writing down your reflections.)

You’ll need a computer, mobile device, or telephone. We use Zoom video conferencing to make it just like an in-person event — you can engage with instructors (and in some cases your fellow participants) ask questions and deepen your retreat experience.

Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific/8 Eastern, March 15-April 19

  • Six 90-Minute Live Sessions with Maggie & Erika
  • Depth Practices & Exercises
  • Six Video Recordings of Course Sessions
  • Six Audio Recordings of Course Sessions
  • Private Online Learning Community

If you are unable to attend the live session the video and audio recordings of the live sessions will be made available within 24 hours of the live session. 

Yes, to help everyone get the most out of the live and recorded content, we offer live closed captioning and rough transcriptions (AI generated with 90% accuracy) for all of our online workshops.

Course materials will be available to you for one year after the course ends.

Course Materials are shared on a rolling basis through our online learning platform, with new material released with each live session. Each session’s chapter will start with a Zoom link or recording of the 90-minute live training session and include any supporting readings, handouts, worksheets, and assignments.

Yes. We send an email before the retreat, sharing all the pre-retreat logistics. We ask all participants to review the retreat materials and complete a pre-course student agreement and survey BEFORE the fist live training session.

No. We ask that you do not share the retreat materials and content with folks who have not enrolled. Strozzi Institute wants to make the retreat materials accessible to you and we ask that you honor the copyright and student agreement that you sign at the start of the course.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If Rediscovering Resilience isn’t a great fit for you, for whatever reason — refunds will be issued up until 8:00pm Pacific Time on TBD.

About Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams is a Lead Teacher and somatic coach with Strozzi Institute (SI). Her areas of focus include how social conditions shape us, how we cultivate more individual and collective resilience, and how somatics can support values-aligned parenting. 

Prior to working with SI, Maggie co-founded and co-directed The Advocacy Institute, an organization that trains social justice and movement building groups to lead more effective legislative campaigns.  Before co-founding the Advocacy Institute, Maggie worked in the New York State Senate and as an advocate on criminal legal issues. 

Maggie began with somatics at the Strozzi Institute in 2011 and became a certified somatic coach in 2012.  She has studied with generative somatics, worked with clients one-on-one, and led a process to integrate somatics into staff development at the Advocacy Institute. 

Most of Maggie’s time is spent exploring the wilds of Brooklyn with her greatest somatics teachers – two fully-embodied tiny humans. 

About Erika Lyla

Erika Lyla is a Somatic Coach and Bodyworker with a practice in Oakland, CA (unceded Ohlone territory), and also teaches with generative somatics and Strozzi Institute.

Erika works with people to reveal their power, potential, and purpose. She guides with love and laughter towards life grounded in authenticity and shaped by dream. She’ss been training groups and individuals in social and emotional development as well as creating and launching social emotional programs for over 15 years.

Erika holds a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley and specializes in working with people facing psychiatric crises, survivors of sexual violence, and individuals healing from complex trauma. She has also worked with school age children as an after school teacher and program director.

She continues to offer healing for individuals and communities as we collectively move towards liberation. In her free time, Erika loves family time, camping, snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding, and delicious food.

What is Strozzi Somatics?
Strozzi Institute is a network of dedicated teachers with advanced training in somatics theory and practice. We provide an evolving methodology that assesses culturally conditioned tendencies and uses the body and shaping — a term to describe how we physically hold and embody conditioning, even when it doesn’t align with our values — to support long-lasting transformation for individuals and the collective.

At Strozzi Institute, our goal is to empower individuals and the collective to recognize and move through conditioned tendencies and historical shaping that restrain growth and to identify and hold consciously chosen values front and center. We provide training and tools that utilize the body and somatic practices to support embodiment of life-giving visions and values to achieve transformation and true desires.

Over 50 years, we’ve fine-tuned a unique and powerful methodology that reliably produces sustained change. Strozzi Somatics teaches the “how” in actualizing the best leadership and coaching ideas, theories, and intentions — not just for individuals, but for coaches, teams, and companies around the world.

Strozzi Institute’s methodologies empower transformational change through the body.

Strozzi Institute
Strozzi Institute is the creator of embodied leadership—a unique, neuroscience-based approach that integrates mindfulness, action-oriented communication, martial arts, and generative conflict training to prepare leaders, coaches, and teams to meet today’s biggest challenges.

Over 50 Years of Experience
Our unique and powerful embodied leadership methodology positions us as the leading institution shaping executives, teams, and leaders toward mastery in their business. We have over 50 years of experience in delivering innovative programs to a diversity of organizations around the globe that include Fortune 500, large governmental agencies, small businesses, B-corps, NGOs, sustainable business visionaries, multinational companies, and budding entrepreneurs.

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