Strozzi Institute's Covid-19 Protocols for In-Person Trainings

Thank you for reading this in its entirety. We are committed to the health and safety of all of our participants. Our policy is subject to change every 4 weeks.

Prior to Arrival:

  • Masks are optional in all in-person courses
  • We no longer require proof of vaccination
  • We require proof of a negative Covid-19 for all in-person courses. Please perform a rapid test the day you are planning to arrive (home tests acceptable) and bring a photo of the results. In case we need to test again during the course, please bring an additional rapid Covid-19 test with you. Tests can also be purchased on the first day of the course for $15.  
  • If you have pre-existing immune health conditions, we recommend the highest level of precaution before deciding to attend. 
  • During travel please use precautions, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, and following current CDC guidelines.
  • If you are concerned about a potential exposure enroute to the course, we will have rapid Covid-19 tests on hand to purchase and self-test.
  • Please plan to arrive on the first day no later than 8:15am to check in and ensure we have your Covid-19 testing information up to date.


During the Course: 

  • In the teaching of Somatics, we are not able to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or 1.8 meters during the entire training. As with all of our programs, students are always at choice with regards to their engagement.
  • If you are experiencing any cold/flu symptoms during the course, please take a Covid-19 test to make sure you are negative and wear a mask inside the training space (even if you test negative).
  • Buffet-style lunches will be provided outside along with water and individually packaged snacks. Plan to arrive in the mornings well-fed. Tea and instant coffee will be provided throughout the day. We encourage you to bring snacks if you need additional nourishment.
  • All participants are asked to notify the office via email at within 4 days after completing a course if you have symptoms and test positive for Covid-19. The program team will then notify participants via email within 24 hours. 

During a course, if someone tests positive for Covid-19:

  • Inform the Group: If at any time during a course, a participant or teacher tests positive for Covid-19, the individual will agree to immediately inform the teaching team. The teaching team will then inform the group as quickly as possible (either in person or by email depending on the time of day). 
  • Required Covid-19 Testing: We will request that everyone test again as soon as possible and require that everyone test before re-entering the dojo. We will ask everyone to either remain outside the dojo (weather permitting) or mask inside the dojo while we await test results. SI will provide Covid-19 tests for purchase. 
  • Isolation of person(s) that tests positive: Any person who tests positive for Covid-19 during the course will be asked to leave the course and will be able to make up the course at a future date.  Anyone else who needs to leave the course due to the impact of a possible Covid-19 exposure may request to make-up the course at a later date (no refunds will be given).
  • Required Masking Indoors (aligned with local guidelines): Once any teacher or participant has tested positive for Covid-19 we will, whenever possible, move the course curriculum outdoors where masks will be optional. For the curriculum that is best delivered indoors, everyone will be required to wear a mask. Additionally, 

               *Masks will be required at the lunch buffet
               *We will open windows and set up medical grade air filters
               *Teachers and students will be asked to wash or sanitize hands at breaks
               *We will provide sanitizer and washing stations
               *Door knobs and shared surfaces will be sanitized at every break 

  • Co-Housing & Ride Sharing Exposure: In the event that any Covid-19 positive person is co-housing or ride-sharing with other participants or teachers we will ask that the positive person follow state guidelines to self-isolate from other people testing negative in the household. Those testing negative in the household, may continue the course while adhering to the masking policies above.

 For more travel advisories and information about Covid-19 protocols, please refer to resources below for California coursework:

Updated 7/26/2023