Are you leading your life or
is life leading you?

If you’re asking yourself this question, we invite you to join the Strozzi Institute's Online Community Dojo.

The term dōjō derives from the traditional Japanese arts. It means the “place of training” or the “place of awakening.”

As our founder, Richard Strozzi-Heckler says, “the dojo is an ancient tradition that addresses the concern for self-mastery, learning, sustainability, and innovation.”

In honoring the vast tradition and power behind the word, we have designed our Online Community Dojo events as a way for you to grow in your study of somatics while also building the foundation for a moral, ethical, and spiritual life.

Our Online Community Dojo gathering is a place of learning and growth. During our time together, we will build specific somatic skills to embody our fullest potential.

It is important to remember that the dojo ultimately lives in our hearts and minds.

The dojo exists because of the meaning we give it.

To succeed in the future, it is necessary to be learning individuals in learning organizations.


A place of training…

Of learning…

Of walking toward life… together.

The Online Community Dojo will focus on Somatic fundamentals such as learning to center, being present to others and the environment, and staying open to possibilities — all while remaining connected to your values and principles.

We are a welcoming community designed to accommodate all practice levels. In each session, Strozzi Institute Teachers will lead practices and introduce a new Somatic application for your growth and development. 

Through these sessions, you will deepen into your understanding of Somatics to: 

  • Stay centered under pressure
  • Maintain a healthy work/life balance
  • Manage conflict effectively
  • Collaborate with others in an enjoyable and productive way
  • Cultivate resilience
  • Connect with your values
  • Live in choice

Whether you’ve taken several courses with Strozzi Institute or you still haven’t yet started on your Somatic learning path, this community offers a meaningful experience for you!  

Access Recordings of Previous Online Community Dojo Sessions Here »

We’ll send you reminders to join on the second Tuesday of every month.

Here’s What People are Sharing About
Strozzi Somatics

“Strozzi Institute is the founding home for somatics”

-Amanda Blake, Master Somatic Coach & Author of Your Body is Your Brain

“When you lead from your values everything changes. I was already a high performer, and then I learned how to communicate more powerfully and become more purposeful. I was living in a more balanced way and was offered a promotion within 6 months of going through the Strozzi programs.”

-Caroline Peani, Formerly Capital One, currently Amazon

“Our times call for resilient leaders and coaches deeply connected to their own livingness and a bold vision for themselves and the world.  Strozzi Institute is one of the best places to become that leader or coach.”

-Coaches Rising, Largest Global Online Coaching Community

We’ll send you reminders to join on the second Tuesday of every month.