Tyler Grillo
Domains: Leadership, Personal
Other: Somatic Bodywork available
Email: tylergrillo23@gmail.com
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Tyler Grillo (Berkeley, California) is a Strozzi Institute Certified Somatic Coach, who is committed to partnering with people on their transformative journey towards deeper fulfillment and aliveness—a process he sees as inherently linked to broader social transformation. He knows that everyone has a gift to offer the world, and works to create a space where these gifts can be realized, wrestled with, and actualized. Grounded in an understanding of our diverse human experiences, he sees our shared desires for dignity, safety, and belonging as intimately connecting us. Having grown up in the mountains of Colorado, he also has a deep connection with nature. In his coaching work, Tyler offers a welcoming and trusting space for folks to explore what they most care about, what new actions they want to take in their lives, and the practices that allow them to embody their fullest selves. While engaging with clients, he is constantly wondering, “What’s trying to come to life? What’s trying to be expressed?” His coaching is also shaped by his shamanic practice and commitment to social justice. Tyler previously served as Course Manager and Program Manager for Strozzi Institute, bringing a depth of knowledge of the Institute’s somatic methodology to his coaching.