Mike Coe – Vets at Ease
Domains: Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate/ Business Coach, Personal Coach
Other: In Person, Zoom/ Online
Email: mike@coech.net
Phone: 8083155724
Website: www.vetsatease.com

Having retired from the US Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel after a 22-year career, Mike knows first-hand that the transition to civilian life brings both opportunities and challenges.  With Vets At Ease, Mike serves Veterans, military, and spouses making that transition and finding themselves wanting additional support, direction, and focus to live into what’s next.  Mike found the military’s Transition Assistance Program didn’t provide the tools required to thrive in the post-military world, so he tapped into his mindfulness, martial arts, movement, storytelling, nature-based, and improv skills to successfully navigate the transition to civilian life.  As a coach he uses these same principles so clients can make lasting change.

In his own words: Transitions are like stomach aches – we all have them, we don’t talk about them, and most of us don’t ask for help until we’re doubled over in pain. I’m a guy who went through some experiences, figured some things out, and developed expertise so I can pass along what I’ve learned to others. I am a holistic coach and work with the heart, mind, body, and soul. With my extensive leadership and improv backgrounds, my coaching is a unique blend of serious leadership and playful creativity.  You can expect to improve resilience, have more ease in life, and explore meaningful questions like “what is the life I want, and how do I get there,” while acquiring practical skills to use immediately.  I work with clients who are willing to do the work. Coaching may be challenging at times…and it doesn’t have to suck.

Mike has 30 years leadership experience, is a Master Somatic Coach with the Strozzi Institute, and is a graduate of two additional coaching programs.  Mike has completed two improv training programs and has two master’s degrees in Strategy and Project Management.  He’s currently pursuing a PhD in East-West Psychology.  

An avid runner, swimmer, and backpacker, Mike’s bag is full of snacks, a mind-bending book, and his journal.  His nephews have ranked him the #1 Uncle Mike (of 1) for 9 years straight.  Mike lives in San Francisco and rides his bike everywhere.