Kishore Bubna
Domains: Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal, Leadership
Other: Somatic Bodywork available
Phone: 408.203.1615
No website available

Kishore Bubna (Fremont, CA) guides clients to get clear about their purpose and strategy; to break down limitations about themselves, their teams, and their business; to develop presence and deepen inner poise; to strengthen relationships, and to sustainably perform and thrive in whatever they do.

He draws on his two decades of experience in leadership roles in technology as well as his work with teams in helping them achieve new levels of strategic alignment, reshape how a problem is perceived, come up with new and radical solutions, embody mutual commitments, and improve overall team dynamics and effectiveness. Besides his executive & somatic coaching work, Kishore continues to serve as the Senior Director of Engineering at a large Silicon Valley Company.

Kishore’s gift is in coaching clients shift from purely logical, linear thinking to leveraging deep insights by integrating feeling, sensing, and intuiting, and as a result opening new levels of creativity and performance. In addition, Kishore’s strong sense of intuition and understanding of business and technology helps him easily relate to the client, surface what might be left unsaid, challenge some of what is said, help the client see things from different lenses, and untangle threads in a relaxed and supportive space.