Katie Brown
Domains: Leadership Coach, Personal Coach
Other: Zoom/ Online
Email: katie@joyshaping.com
Phone: 720.466.3081
Website: https://www.joyshaping.com/

Katie Brown (she/hers) is a space holder and advocate for joy, dignity, safety and belonging. She collaborates with folks who have had to collapse, contort and hide their full selves as a result of violence and harm. Through the body, she supports learning how these adjustments to stay safe move us away from access to what we want more of: freedom, aliveness, connection, choice. Together, we explore possibility of more easeful, grounded, and aligned possibilities of inhabiting our bodies and moving toward our deepest longings.

Katie specializes in partnering with trauma survivors, organizers, social workers, healers, and advocates. She believes the body is a pathway toward liberation and a world in which we individually and collectively can (re)build connection to heal ourselves, our communities, and the land that makes all life possible; her container invites joy and resilience into our tissues.

Katie weaves her knowledge of gender based violence, anti-oppression, and trauma-centered practice into her virtual 1:1 coaching and workshop facilitation approach. She holds a Master of Social Science focused on Indigenous Rights and Policy and a nearly completed Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Gender Based Violence. Katie is a certified somatic coach through Strozzi Institute, as well an Associate Certified (ACC) ICF coach.

Katie identifies as an Irish, Welsh, and German disabled survivor, which led her to roles in community organizing, advocacy, and work oriented toward healing lived and intergenerational experiences of trauma. This includes various roles in advocating for survivors of child (sexual) abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, child welfare and criminal legal systems, and settler colonialism.