Elizabeth Day
Domains: Personal, Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business
Email: ebday417@gmail.com
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Website: https://www.elizabethbrinkmanday.com/
Elizabeth Day, Ph.D. (San Francisco, CA /Worldwide via phone/Zoom) is a Healing Arts Practitioner certified as a Somatic Leadership Coach and SkyHorse Equine-Guided Educator. She is a trained Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Shamanic Counselor through the Sacred Stream Foundation in Berkeley, CA. This interdisciplinary model draws from transpersonal psychology, applied Tibetan Buddhism, energy medicine, shamanic practices, and hypnotherapy. 


Elizabeth guides individuals in healing on deep levels, in uncoiling karmic patterns, and in retrieving parts of themselves obscured through trauma and everyday living. Elizabeth is dedicated to helping clients reconnect with their inherent wholeness, to experience themselves in fresh and energized ways. 


In her healing practice, Elizabeth draws upon her discipline as a consummate educator. Her trademark preparedness allows her to be nimble and insightful in meeting what arises in the ecology of a session. Clients note her warmth, her compassionate listening, her acute intuition in drawing connections, and her meticulous attention.  


Personal growth as a means of social change; the power of nature to teach and restore; the sentient presence and feedback of horses; the innate intelligence of the mind-body-soul connection; and an abiding faith in one’s higher self to direct and support the healing process–Elizabeth is committed to these principles in cultivating and holding a space for transformation.