Conny Wegener, Ph.D. Millcreek-Coaching
Domains: Leadership Coach, Personal Coach, Somatic Bodywork
Other: In Person, Zoom/ Online
Phone: ‭(801) 505-0503‬

Conny Wegener, Ph.D. (Salt Lake City, UT) is a certified Master Somatic Coach who specializes in personal transformation and self-cultivation. She knows first hand that the path to healing, self-integration and full aliveness can only be realized when we awaken to our sensations and start to live in our body.

Conny helps her clients shift from a life primarily lived in the mind to one that integrates mind, heart, body and spirit. She leads her clients on their journey of transformation through somatic practices, deep listening, skilled questions, and grounded compassion thus allowing her clients to open, be present and connected with what they care about.

Conny, a German native, holds a Ph.D. in American Literature and is a certified Master Somatic and a certified Hudson Institute Coach with a private practice since 2008. She is a committed student of mindfulness, compassion cultivation training and human transformation and combines an analytical mind with a high sensitivity. She offers coaching in German and English.

Conny can be reached at 678-388-3000 or