Britta Fischlin
Domains: Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate/ Business Coach, Personal Coach
Other: Zoom/ Online
Phone: +1-650-387-4714

As a transformational business coach, Britta Fischlin supports entrepreneurs, business leaders, and people in transition who realize that their business or career can only grow as much as they themselves grow.

Taking on building a business, continuously walking into new territory, brings up things for us that we might not have come up against before and need to be addressed throughout the whole being to create sustainable success from the inside out.

Britta combines 25 years of business and marketing background with a deep level of listening, years of coaching, as well as somatic awareness building and practices to help you be aligned with your true authentic self, manifest your personal and business successes, and release any roadblocks towards a healthy relationship with business, marketing and selling. She partners with you to up-level your business growth by matching your inner state of being with your desired outer business success.

Originally from Germany, she lived in France and Spain before relocating to the United States, which has allowed her to become well-versed and appreciative of cultural differences while focusing on the perennial wisdom shared by all humanity not bound by any borders.

Britta is certified as a leadership and executive coach as well as a Strozzi somatic coach. In addition, she is ICF PCC certified. She coaches in both English and German.