Make a Centered Impact:

Moving Past Projection and Building Sustainability in Your Leadership

A LIVE 4-hour workshop with B Stepp
Friday, May 3, 10am-2pm PDT

Dear Leader,

Wait — feel that for a moment.

What is a leader, to you?

Is it someone who has power? 

Someone who…leads?

Maybe a particular person or personality comes to mind… strong, visionary, self-sacrificing…

What if being a leader is none of these things? 

What if who you are as a leader is a function of your longing, and not your idea of who a leader should be?

(And not anyone else’s projected idea of who a leader should be either!)

The truth is, all our ideas about leadership too often cause us to show up in ways that are not aligned with what we care about. 

And we are not just trapped in our own ideas: our colleagues, our teams, and the leaders we follow can ALL project their ideas about leadership onto us.

And there’s a high cost.

Like burning ourselves out, because we have a cultural story that it’s what good leaders do…

Or making decisions all alone, because that’s the expectation we feel from others…

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When your leadership comes from your centered longing, grounded in your felt sense of your own body — and not from ideas or projections — it becomes your unique, beautiful offering. You are able to produce change in the world by extending your aliveness into it.

You make a centered impact.

And instead of being trapped in who others believe you should be, you can learn the skills to work with their projections in a generative way…or simply let them pass you by!

That’s what Strozzi Institute for Somatics teacher B Stepp can teach you in their LIVE workshop on May 3rd. 

In this 4-hour online gathering, you will: 

  • Learn what receiving a projection feels like in your body so you can name what’s going on and start to work with it
  • Feel what choices are available to you under the pressure of projection so you can expand your range as a leader
  • Feel the difference between a centered extension of your aliveness versus an off-center extension so you know what to look for in your body in the moment
  • Learn a somatic practice for letting a projection go by you so you know how it feels and can grow stronger at it

We look forward to seeing you there!


Team Strozzi

“A leader is someone who impacts and contributes, and creates a world in response to their longings.”
— B Stepp

The Strozzi Institute for Somatics is the creator of embodied leadership and the original somatic training institute. We teach the “how” in actualizing the best leadership theories out there. Join us on May 3rd to learn more!

Make a Centered Impact:

Moving Past Projection and Building Sustainability in Your Leadership

4-hour LIVE online workshop with B Stepp
10am-2pm PDT on Friday, May 3rd

A Live Workshop with B Stepp
Live only. No recording access.
Meet Your Presenter

B Stepp

B Stepp (they/them) believes in the undeniable power of our bodies to produce the conditions for transformation and liberation. They are a somatic practitioner, facilitator, teacher, and community organizer living on unceded Duwamish/Coast Salish land in Seattle, WA.

B’s healing lineage includes 12 years of ongoing training with generative somatics, an active vipassana meditation practice, participation in and great inspiration from Black liberation struggles, movements committed to abolition and transformative justice, tenant organizing, anti-imperialist struggle, western psychotherapy and nutrition, and their many lived experiences (and those of their working class ancestors) as a Black and white mixed race, queer, nonbinary person.

In the lineage of Toni Cade Bambara, they are committed to making liberation and the path to revolution irresistible.

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