The Next Four Years Part Two: Beware of the Numbing

One of the most powerful coping mechanisms we’ve developed as human beings is the ability to adapt. One of the most dangerous coping mechanisms we’ve developed is the ability to adapt. In times of crisis-war, natural disasters, failure of economies, sickness, loss of loved ones, property and goods-we have demonstrated time and again a remarkable adaptability and resilience.

Mr. Duffy’s Body – Somatics in the 21st Century

Recently skimming through his daughter’s books for her World Literature class, Richard came across James Joyce’s novel The Dubliners. Remembering what is required to engage with Joyce’s dense prose, he forged ahead anyway and came across a certain Mr. Duffy, who “lived a short distance from his body.” Mr. Duffy represents the post-modern everyman: cut off from his feelings, defined by rules and protocols, and lacking purpose and meaningful connections.