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Deepen your understanding of somatics while expanding your capacity to create change and lead your clients to sustainable transformation.

Cultivate the confidence and competency you need to move your clients through the arc of transformation and create long-lasting transformation.

Increase your ability to make your clients feel whole, empowered, and open to transformation.

Our Advanced Somatic Coaching Intensive is a next step for our advanced students who have completed the Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification

This unique intensive course is for those practitioners and coaches who are looking to sharpen their somatic coaching competencies and master practices, allowing them to better partner with clients in deeper and more potent ways.

Our senior teaching team crafted this intensive with the intent for our graduates to dive deeper into their somatic studies and learn how to coach their clients to more sustainable transformations. The work you’ll do here was born out of the requests and curiosities of our certified coaching graduates. 

During this course of study, you will work with Strozzi Institute founder, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, as well as other Strozzi Teachers, to deepen into your own embodied presence while also increasing your competency and skill in moving your clients through their arcs of transformation. 

This course is intentionally limited to 28 coaches in a conscious effort to foster an intimate environment ideal for authentic connection, embodied learning, and opportunities for individual attention from our instructors. 

During your time in this intensive, you’ll: 

  • Cultivate a deeper confidence and competency that allows you to move your clients through the arc of transformation

  • Explore how your Conditioned Tendency shows up in your coaching 

  • Cultivate your ability to coach from a new shape

  • Improve your somatic perception

  • Assess when and how to move your client into somatic bodywork

  • Learn how to move your clients from talking into somatic practices 

Intensive Activities Include:

  • Advanced Standing Practices

  • Embodying New Coaching Moves

  • Live Coaching Session and Q&A with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

  • Small group mentorship sessions led by master coaches


Advanced Somatic Coaching Intensive
Coming in Fall 2022!

Successful completion of our Embodied Transformation and Somatic Coaching Certification courses is a prerequisite. If you have not completed these courses, you can learn more about Embodied Transformation here or the Somatic Coaching Certification here.

What students are saying about Strozzi Somatics:

“She presents things with extraordinary clarity…”

“Staci Haines is one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered. She creates a safe and engaging space in which to explore and learn. And, Staci has a very grounded and warm presence, she presents things with extraordinary clarity, and she responds to inquiries and offers demos with the utmost respect and care. In addition, the content and somatic practices of the course complement each other beautifully and have the power to be transformational.”

Misty Perez Truedson

“There’s no better place to learn & practice these skills than with the Strozzi Institute’s community of teachers and practitioners.”

“The instruction, coaching, and encouragement to be in a community of practice deepened my somatic awareness and continued to support my own embodied change, for the sake of liberation and love with power. I need – we need – this embodied competency to meet this moment. There’s no better place to learn & practice these skills than with the Strozzi Institute’s community of teachers and practitioners.”

Caitlin Brune

“The masterful instructors were authentic…”

“This class was a godsend for me… The masterful instructors were authentic, making it safe for everyone to show up in whatever mood or place they were in. I learned several practices that are helping me live out my commitments in the world.”

— Rebecca Glenn

“It was dramatically different than anything I had experienced before.”

“We wanted a game changer for accelerating our high performing teams and our leadership team. I’ve worked with a lot of different leadership programs and the Strozzi Institute’s is the one that works. It was dramatically different than anything I had experienced before. It’s their ability to connect the mind, language, action, and the body into sustainable practices. And we were able to see actual true change in a very short amount of time. It deeply resonated with our teams in a meaningful and authentic way.”

— John Pershing, SVP HR Ascena Retail Group

“The execution and the team has been the most professional I have ever seen.”

“I loved it! It was very profound and subtle at the same time. The execution and the team has been the most professional I have ever seen. Humanity, values, care, love were always at the foreground. I feel humbled and grateful to have been part of this experience.”

— Tania Fichtner, Director at Tajo Consulting (Mexico City, Mexico)


This course is offered at the Strozzi Institute dojo (which means “place of training” in traditional Japanese arts) located on a 13-acre ranch in the rolling hills of Petaluma, California.

Organic meals (with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options), sourced and prepared locally, are provided for lunches during all training days. Transportation and lodging are not included. See our recommended lodging options for our Petaluma location here.

Yes. Successful completion of both our foundational course, Embodied Transformation (formerly Embodied Leadership) and our Somatic Coaching Certification course or the completion of School of Embodied Leadership (SOEL) are required to take this next step.

Please know that the Strozzi Institute scholarship program is a tuition reduction program. The highest amount awarded is a 40- 50% discount. It is highly competitive, needs-based, and is focused on being the most effective. Therefore, it is prioritized to support traditionally marginalized communities with regard to race, sexual identity, and socioeconomics. Scholarship applications can be submitted up until 8 weeks before the course date so please apply early. Applications are reviewed and awarded with the intention to make the biggest impact. Scholarship awards will be communicated via email 1 week after the close of the application process. Awards can not be used in conjunction with other discount offers.  Scholarship details.

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