Our Vision

Our vision is a life-affirming future for all. We support transformative leaders, coaches, and organizations that can meet the challenges of our time – delivering sustainability, interconnectedness, and social equity.

Our Mission

To produce leaders, coaches, and organizations that embody pragmatic wisdom, skillful action, and grounded compassion; who use conflict as a generative force.

Our Values

These values not only guide our practices, but are at the root of SIS’ operations, relationships, strategy, and long-term vision.


We value dignity, acknowledging it as an inherent need of all people. We honor individual paths and contributions, and cultivate mutual respect.


We value generativity, creating possibility from uncertainty, and life-affirming direction from strife.


We value interdependence, appreciating our reliance on, and connectedness with, all living systems on this planet. We thrive together.

Diversity, Equity,
& Inclusion

We value diversity, equity, & inclusion. We believe that our world is a better place when we learn and grow from each other, while celebrating, understanding, and respecting our differences.


We value purposeful action, practicing it as a life-long path. We believe in cultivating an alignment between action and a deeper sense of purpose.


We value sustainability, acting responsibly with our business and our profits, while furthering our commitment to leave the planet and all communities better than we found them.


We value transformation, moving from old ways of being to new, evolving practices and capacities that are aligned with our visions and values.


Strozzi Institute for Somatics is a nonprofit corporation with a pending U.S. federal tax status.

The Strozzi Institute for Somatics (SIS) is a cutting-edge organization in the field of embodied leadership and coaching

[About SIS]

With 50 years of development and experience, we have fine-tuned a unique and powerful methodology that produces sustainable transformation.

Strozzi Somatics teaches the “how” in actualizing the best leadership and coaching ideas, theories and intentions – not just for individuals, but for coaches, teams and companies around the world.

Why We’re Different

Whereas others only focus on Somatic Awareness, we focus on all three aspects of somatic transformation: Awareness, Practices, and Opening. This approach will give you a more sustainable and complete transformation.

We focus on what you long for. It’s more powerful to move toward what you desire rather than move away from a problem. What do you want to embody for your future? We’ll give you the tools and techniques to focus on it and make it happen.

We offer the most comprehensive somatic methodology in the world. Developed in just about every environment and culture imaginable, our method integrates aspects that others do not. From standing practices and bodywork to social context, our methods take everything into consideration.

What is Strozzi Somatics?

We propose a different approach to learning – embodied learning.
In a world of continuous change and constant social innovation, learning has taken on new meaning. We are now required to continually learn new skills, to partner with people of widely different backgrounds, and to be flexible enough to change roles, job positions and organizational directions, quickly and skillfully.

The conversation is no longer about learning over the course of our career – it is about learning over the course of our lifetime… Learning how to learn, so that we can adapt, change, take new actions and become more whole.

All learning at Strozzi Institute for Somatics is embodied learning.

Our unique approach combines the latest in neuroscience, holistic practice, action-oriented communication and mindfulness. Through this methodology, we help people, teams and organizations learn to take new actions – ones they weren’t previously able to take, that are aligned with what they care about. We define transformation as the ability to take new actions, aligned with your vision and your values, even under the same old pressures.

Embodied learning involves our whole existence — our way of thinking, our physical bodies, our emotions and how we relate to others.

Embodied learning creates transformation.

Strozzi Somatics +
Embodied Learning Methodology

The 3 Components of Somatic Transformation

Are your practices aligned with who you are and who you want to become?

Somatics invites us to look in a whole new way at the ways we change and transform — as we move toward the future life we desire. Join SIS Teacher Staci Haines as she briefly explains how somatic awareness, somatic practices, and somatic opening impact your life.

Origins for Our Groundbreaking Methodology

By integrating Aikido and bodywork principles with his leadership and holistic change work, Richard Strozzi-Heckler created the Strozzi Somatics methodology. 

This innovative concept is based on the understanding that the mind, the body, the self, and our rationality are inextricably linked. To develop one, you must cultivate the others.

Richard studied with many teachers to look at the most effective ways to produce holistic change: change that engaged meaning, intellect, emotion and body; and produced new actions and competencies. He partnered and studied with many innovators of the time including: Dr. Randolph Stone, Magda Proskauer, Doris Breyer, George Leonard, Li Li Tau, Thomas Hanna, Saotome Sensei and Charan Singh.

In 1970, Richard founded Lomi School with Dr. Robert K. Hall, Alyssa Hall, and Catherine Flaxman. Using his research on holistic change, Lomi worked to further personal excellence, transformative change, leadership and team building among therapists, psychiatrists, counselors and other health professionals.

During this time, Richard was also deepening his own personal proficiency through the martial art of Aikido, earning a 6th degree black belt. By integrating Aikido and bodywork principles with his leadership and holistic change work, an integrative and innovative field developed that we now call “Somatics” – the unity of language, action, feeling and meaning. Somatics is based on the understanding that the mind, the body, the self and our rationality are inextricably linked; to develop one, you must cultivate the others. Modern neuroscience is now offering the psycho-biological grounding for this work. Between 1970 and 1985, the Lomi School developed into the premier training ground for this pragmatic somatic methodology.

Richard founded the Strozzi Institute in 1985. Strozzi Institute was born out of his realization that leaders, coaches, and organizations needed more. They need the leadership possibilities inherent in the discourse of Somatics.

We are guided by the decade-long collaboration of Richard and Fernado Flores, PhD. This partnership combined the business application of Fernado’s linguistic distinctions and Strozzi’s somatic distinctions. The continual refinement and evolution of Strozzi Institute for Somatics’ practices is the foundation of our leadership and organizational work.

In 1999, we launched the first Somatic Coach Certification program and we’ve been leading the field ever since.

We have spent the last two decades furthering Embodied Leadership with leaders globally, working within Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and organizations working for social change — certifying Somatic Coaches and integrating somatic bodywork into leadership work around the globe.


Strozzi Institute for Somatics is committed to developing transformative leaders, coaches and organizations that can meet the challenges and hopes of our times — changing systems and shifting conditions towards a future where people and the planet thrive. To do this, we are dedicated to identifying and addressing the ways in which the systemic harms of unearned privilege, inequity, and oppression show up in our work and in our rooms. We understand this as a necessary, purposeful, and core aspect of our work at the Strozzi Institute for Somatics.

We come to this commitment with the embodied knowing that systems of oppression cost us — they cost us our safety, our dignity, our belonging, and our potential for interdependence and community. An embodied approach to change that is grounded in a commitment to justice, sustainability and equity allows us to unlearn what is oppressive, liberate the creativity and engagement of all people, and build the seeing and actionable skills to work together towards justice, sustainability and equity. If we are to truly feel ourselves, each other, and the planet, we must enter into the work of dismantling the systems of oppression that stand in the way of us meeting each other from our honest, authentic, and full humanity. 

In order to do this, we hold active and embodied exploration of our sites of shaping (family, community, race, class, gender, education, religion, spirit, landscape) as an inextricable part of our methodology. We are committed to the intentional, recurrent, and iterative weaving of the sites of shaping into our courses and programs and to working with sites of shaping generatively in the specific ways they show up in our rooms. 

We are committed to the on-going work of directly interrupting and addressing harm while holding the safety, dignity, and belonging of our course and program participants. We are committed to facilitating rooms in which participants who are members of traditionally and systemically marginalized communities with regard to race, ethnicity, sexual/gender identity, class, and socioeconomic class remain in choice about how they engage with and bring their experiences forward.

Organizational Clients

Strozzi Institute offers customized programs for leaders, teams and entire organizations. Among the organizations that have benefited from our programs are: